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Critical Role's 12" Shaun Gilmore Figure by McFarlane Toys (Limited Edition)

Vox Machina

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Let us show you why they call him glorious! Our extravagantly detailed limited edition Shaun Gilmore 12” scale figure, created with our friends at McFarlane Toys, is made of durable high-quality PVC, and is sure to be the crown jewel in any Critter’s collection.

Gilmore is featured in his iconic gold trimmed purple robes, with a gilded unicorn on the back, the signature mascot of his prestigious shop Gilmore’s Glorious Goods. With a smile on his face, this suave gentleman bids a warm welcome to everyone who comes into his establishment. On the tops of his hands you see glowing sigils, indicative of the source of his magic as a “Runechild.”

Our Gilmore figure sits on a 7” woodgrain base featuring the Critical Role logo, and is beautifully showcased in themed packaging befitting Gilmore’s extravagance and magic. You won’t have to have connections like Vox Machina to get this deal of a lifetime.


  • Flat cuts on arms and neck for adjustments to pose
  • 12 inch scale figure
  • Multicolor PVC
  • Window boxed packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Alba Lleixa Lopez

Me and my friends plan to build a shrine to Gilmore in our D&D playroom (because of course we do), and once we saw there was an actual figurine of him in the figure series, we panic-bought him right away. He is glorious, shiny and detailed, bigger than expected, and even the box is GORGEOUS. 10/10, will post a picture of the shrine once we build it.

Matt Spencer
Just- w o a h

Regardless of how funny the phrase is, he IS bigger than expected! Even if he's wobbly on his stand, the DETAILS are remarkable! Out of all my orders from here, he took the longest but he's also glorious so I don't mind! He makes quite the desk decoration and is fun to pose and have hold things- so totally worth it!

And don't even get me started on the box- its detailing and art graphics are stunning!! I use them separately for decor on my desk and they're equally breathtaking!! I spent an extra few minutes just admiring the artistic details on the box alone, and am just so pleased to have them both. It's a hefty buy, but I have no regrets haha. (Also my DM gives me free discounts in game for just bringing him along so for me personally WORTH IT! Saving both ways :D)

Jared Saenz
Absolutely Glorious

The design is amazing and he is incredibly well made!! I absolutely love it!!

Kristie Moeller



It’s even more glorious in person. Even the box is amazing looking. I got one for me and a friend of mine and she was emotional pulling it out of the shipping box

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