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Critical Role Quilted Puffer Jacket

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sizing tip: for a relaxed fit, we recommend selecting the next size up from your normal shirt size
(please review our size chart above for referencing measurements)

Ward off the cool weather with the Critical Role Quilted Puffer Jacket! Styled to look great on every Critter, the sleek black jacket is lightweight with a high collar, elastic cuffed long sleeves, two side pockets, a front-breast zip-closure pocket next to the Critical Role logo, and a custom printed pattern inner lining featuring icons that represent Bells Hells, The Mighty Nein, and Vox Machina


  • Artist: Inner Lining Pattern - Grace Berríos (@lassflores)
  • Model:
    • Liam O’Brien and Sam Riegel are wearing a size Large.
    • Laura Bailey is wearing a size Small. 
  • Materials: 
    • Outer Jacket: 100% polyester, water repellent
    • Lining: 100% polyester
    • Filler: 100% polyester fiber (Wellon recycled type) 
    • Zip-closure: Silver metal hardware with rubber coated pull tab
  • Style/Fit: Unisex, true to size

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 114 reviews
    Colby Cearns
    Sizing is off!

    I bought a 2XL and a 3Xl. One for my wife and one for myself. Unfortunately they have the same arm length which comes about mid forearm on me, which I usually wear a 2XL jacket. Good quality, poor sizing as the bigger you go doesn't change the arm length. :(

    Sheldon Carpenter
    I love it!

    It’s very comfy and cozy and so far it’s held up in the couple of weeks I’ve had it. A couple of small nitpicks, I’m a tall guy so it hits me right at the bell line. I wish it were a couple of inches longer. Also, I have long, long arms, but, surprisingly, the sleeves are only a bit short. I also wish it had an inner pocket. If I wear a nice sweater under it, it will be absolutely perfect. Except for the pocket.

    Amy Voce
    Very comfortable and warm.

    This is a great coat. It fits great and is really warm. I got a size smaller than I usually do since I'm losing weight and it fits great. Was worried about the sizing since I'm getting smaller not used to going for the smaller sizes but it fits great and I am loving the coat

    Michaela Langston
    Very Warm

    It's definitely a warm jacket! I got a S and it fits well but is a little wide in the shoulders, I just put an extra hoodie on under it if I need to. Just fyi if any folks have issues with loose fit or texture.

    I love the fleece pockets, makes a WORLD of difference for my freezing hands when I'm walking around, and the pockets are big which is a huge help!

    Morgan Smario
    Comfortable good fit

    Fits exactly as I'd like, the puffer isnt overly puffy (think ralphy from Christmas story) and I quite enjoy that. The pockets are lined and warm your hands as soon as they're in. I dont live in a cold area so I've only had the jacket on for 40/50F and it held up well. Overall I highly recomment. I DO wish it had an internal pocket, but maybe thats a future add on.

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