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Fresh Cut Grass Wallet

Bells Hells

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Keep your bits and bolts safe and shiny with Fresh Cut Grass! This sunny yellow wallet features bright blue embroidered eyes and a handy zipper.


  • Features clasp loop attachment with tassel and Critical Role Logo design application embossed and stamped 
  • Back of the wallet includes two card slot inserts and one slot with plastic card window  
  • Materials: high grade pebbled PU leather / faux leather / silver hardware
  • Dimensions: 4.5 inches x 3 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Very cute, but not perfect

The wallet is adorable. As some people have pointed out, it is small, but I was looking for something small so that doesn’t bother me. There are a couple issues though. 1. The zipper really doesn’t want to close. It opens okay, but it get stuck open and I have to struggle to close it. 2. I wish that the card pockets opened towards the belt clip instead of away from it. As is, if I hang it from my belt the openings face the ground, so I’m worried any cards I put in there will fall out.

Thomas Poling
Small but perfect

If you need a lot of space in your wallet then it's not for you. If you need a reason to clear out a lot of clutter (like me) then it's the perfect fit.

Perfect Sized Wallet (and just so cute!)

I love my lil FCG wallet. He's gone all over the place with me, renaissance faires, hot springs, car trips, wine runs(lots of wine runs). He reminds me to have a smiley day even when I would rather go murder-bot mode on tough days.

Absolutely made for a smiley day

Adorable, absolutely love it. Clips to my lanyard and is perfectly portable. The only thing is in holding cards, they aren’t fully carried by the slots (still stick out a bit more than I’m comfy with). They’re definitely secure but they’re about only half in to the pockets.

Jenn Perez

Very cute made me declutter my old wallet. It was small but very cute!

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