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Critical Role Washi Tape 4 Pack: Purple & Yellow

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Add some pizzazz to your gift wrapping with this Purple & Yellow washi tape pack! With four designs included, you can lean into coordination or chaos on a case by case basis.


  • Artist: Grace Berríos
  • 1 roll of each of the 4 designs
    • 1 roll of the Vox Machina Weapons and Symbols design
    • 1 roll of the Mighty Nein Weapons and Symbols design
    • 1 roll of the How Do You Want To Do This design
    • 1 roll of the Critical Role Logo repeating design
  • Dimensions: Each roll is 1/2 inch wide x 10 meters long
  • Please Note: This product is shipped folded flat (unrolled)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Very nice product, fun design, great quality and shipping was fast!


Adorable lil’ washi tapes! Good quality washi tape!


I really enjoy receiving packages from the Critical Role store or should I say Messr Gilmore of the Glorious Goods (check the return address on the label). A wonderful flourish, totally unnecessary but delightfully fun. The extra touches continue with the early 20th century style shipping port stamps printed on the box. Then upon opening the box (remember to always check for traps, roll for investigation) there is a message on the inside of the lid inviting me to adventure. Finally, on the bottom of the inside of the box there is a grinning gremlin. At this point I am thoroughly delighted and I haven't even checked my loot. Which I don't get to do as my wife swoops in (obviously possessed by Nott the Brave) grabs the Purple & Yellow Washi tape and tells me I know nothing about craft tape and it is now hers!!! I will need to order some more, hide when I get it and keep it to myself.


Super cute! I love it. They go so perfectly with the wrapping paper!

Had to look up what washi tape was (same review as other tapes on site)

This is either badly designed, badly described or some old stock. Looking at wikipedia, washi tape is a type of decorative tape used in journaling and crafting that's notable feature is that it "can be removed." If that is the case then the lack of adhesive seems purposeful given that they named this washi tape. I think the issue here isn't with the product but the product description as this was never going to be great to be used with wrapping paper, let alone the nice and thick paper that they sell on this site.

So I will give a 4 star because the product is nice looking, likely works as washi tape is designed, but just not as it is described on the storefront.

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