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Mighty Nein ReAction Figure - Yasha Nydoorin

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Our partners at Super7 have crafted a full set of ReAction Figures of The Mighty Nein, each featuring 5 points of articulation as well as accessories! 

Raised as a warrior but carrying a gentle heart, Yasha Nydoorin is no stranger to fighting, but still seeks out the beauty in the world. This 3.75” scale articulated Critical Role ReAction Figure of Yasha Nydoorin features Yasha in her cold weather outfit and comes with pop-on Wings, the Magician’s Judge, and her Bone Harp accessories. 

Roll the dice and add the Critical Role ReAction Figure of Yasha Nydoorin to your collection!


  • Artist: Super7 and Ariana Tressel-Orner
  • Features: 6 x 9 inch figure card art packaging
  • Materials: Injected Plastic & Paint
  • Intended for Age 14+
  • Product Dimensions: 2.75 inches
FINAL SALE NOTE: for online purchases made during promotional sale period: 1/25/23-1/31/23, all sales are final and cannot be returned. Information regarding our returns and exchanges policy can be reviewed here

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Rebekah P

    There’s an amazing amount of detail on the figure and packaging, perfect collectors item

    Angela Osborn
    Critical role figure

    Looks excellent! Perfect condition!

    Pretty ok.

    These seem to be designed to just sit in the packaging. I like taking my stuff out of them and putting them on shelves though, and that is a frustrating ask for these. None of the accessories like to stay where they are designed to go, the wings pop out at the smallest bump, and her sword makes her even harder to stand up than without. Why is that? Well, Yasha's feet are pointing up and outward in a way that makes them impossible to balance on without her bent 30 degrees at the hip. This might look ok if Veth was in front of her and she had a reason to look down, but it just looks dumb. Even once you do get her balanced, she falls over in a slight breeze or if you set anything heavier than a grape next to her. I'm not sure why they bothered with articulation at all tbh, its not like being able to move the legs the small amount does anything (besides making up for the poor balance) and there are very limited arm positions that you can use and still stand the figure up. I got the Caduceus figure at the same time as this one and he has similar problems.

    The two things these figures have going for them are the packaging and the painting. I guess they are just meant to stay in the box. But what fun is that?

    Megan Canfield
    She’s great but her hands are wonky

    Love the action figure but a little hard to get the wings into her back and cannot put the sword in her hand as I am very afraid of breaking off her thumb. Otherwise, super happy.

    Ingrid Galvan
    Stunning and great attention to detail.

    Stunning work in the details both in the figure and the packaging itself.

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