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WizKids Minis: Monsters of Wildemount Set II

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Create an immersive experience for you and your players with Monsters of Wildemount Set II! Whether battling the massive Swavain Basilisk or dodging the spells cast by the Sahuagin Warlock of Uk’otoa, you’ll be creating memories that will last long beyond game night. Let the adventure begin!

This set includes:

  • Sahuagin Warlock of Uk'otoa
  • Sea Fury
  • Gearkeeper Construct
  • Gloomstalker
  • Merrow Shallowpriest
  • Moorbounder
  • Swavain Basilisk

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Amazingly detailed and diverse miniatures

      Great selection of miniatures with awesome variety of sizes (small, medium, large) and amazing detail.

      Mik Calow
      Wild creatures of Wildemount

      Wanted this set mainly for the gloomstalker model but the others are great additions to my collection and most will be usable in my Call of the Netherdeep campaign.
      If I had to nit-pick, the definition on the moorbounder isn't the greatest and you have to be very careful removing the smaller figures from the plastic display (don't try pulling them straight up as you're likely to pull them off their bases)


      Great set of models, detailed sculpts with a very nice paint job. Excellent for use in my Call of the Netherdeep campaign or any game set in Wildemount.

      Christopher McClaran
      Amazing and helpful

      I have yet to get something for Critical Role that wasn't above and beyond expectations. This is no exception. In addition, I am running Call of the Netherdeep and this the only way to get a couple of the minis you need. Don't mind at all, needed an excuse to buy them!


      Nice stuff

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