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Critical Role Wallet

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Keep your haggling money nice and orderly with our Critical Role Wallet. This wallet is covered in doodles both inside and out with icons representing characters from both Critical Role campaigns. Use the plentiful card slots to have your broom license and debt rectangles always at the ready!


  • Artist: Wendy Sullivan (@WendyDoodles)
  • Materials: polyester
  • Dimensions: 8.3 inch x 3.7 inch
  • Colors: Navy blue with copper doodles, inside lining: gray with black doodles
  • Bifold wallet with six card slots, two hidden pockets, one main cash pocket

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Amazing gift!

Bought this for my other half for his birthday. We both love critical role and I wanted to get him something he could use every day. He was over the moon! The wallet is really good quality, patterned inside and out and can fit plenty in. Kind of jealous now, might have to get one for myself too! If you're thinking about getting this, just do it :)

Paul Faulkner
Love it!

A super cute little wallet. It seems very durable so far, however it is very tight, may give with use. If you have a card in each slot, they become quite difficult to take out, really have to get your fingers in to get the card out as it won't just slide out. This does have a benefit as you're not going to lose any cards.


The wallet is super cute. All my cards fits inside! Det doodles are adorable <3 Really like the colour and the size! Just perfect :D

Jairo Hernandez
Beautiful and does what it needs to do!

Oh, have you heard the news my friend,
Of a wallet that's a Critical Blend,
It's made for fans of D&D,
And Scanlan's here to sing its glee.

With pockets for your coins and cards,
And artwork that will leave you charmed,
This wallet's perfect for the task,
Of holding your cash, no need to ask.

The design is sleek, the leather's fine,
It's just the right size, not too benign,
And with the Critical Role crest,
You'll show your love, you'll look your best.

So if you're looking for a wallet new,
And you're a fan of the Mighty Few,
Just take it from me, Scanlan Shorthalt,
This wallet's a winner, it's a grand assault!

A solid wallet

Wallet looks and feels great. It is missing a coin pouch but I knew that before ordering it so all is well.

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