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Mighty Nein Temporary Tattoos 8-Pack

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This 8-pack set includes temporary tattoos inspired by each of the Mighty Nein:

  • Beauregard Lionett - navy blue design featuring Beau's staff, her eye tattoo, and grapevines
  • Caleb Widogast - brown design featuring spellcasting sigils, Frumpkin, books, and fire
  • Nott the Brave / Veth Brenatto - gold design featuring Nott's mask, rings, coins, and crossbow bolts
  • Fjord Stone - green design featuring a shipwreck, tentacles, and a barnacle-encrusted falchion
  • Jester Lavorre - pink design featuring a sketchbook, paintbrush, painted designs, and a Traveler arch
  • Yasha Nydoorin - blue design featuring a rune-infused blade, flowers, and a thunderstorm
  • Caduceus Clay - teal design featuring a skull, beetle, tea set, mushrooms, and crystals
  • Mollymauk Tealeaf - purple design featuring a moon and sun, planchette, eye, snake, and scimitars


  • Artist: Savanna Mayer (@well_dipper)
  • Dimensions: 4.92" x 5.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Ioannis Skoufis

Absolutely amazing

Makayla Flora
Mighty nein tattoos

These are amazing I put one on about a week and a half. Ago and it still looks like I just put it on yesterday! Absolutely beautiful and I love them so much

Kinda went overboard

So I just took the Yasha one and went to my Tattoo guy and had him tattoo the design. I bought these rub on ones, but haven't tried them yet. I bought it to take the design to my tattoo guy to show him what I wanted. I skipped to the real deal. Anyways it turned out Awesome. Shout out to the design people who made them!


I absolutely love these! I have bought several packs. The art work is SO beautiful, and the quality is really good as well. One of the tattoos lasted me three week, which I was super impressed with. I really hope they come out with more. I would buy them all!

Rowan B Ellis

Phenomenal artwork, far more intricate than I expected, super easy to apply, feels so smooth and natural…. 1000/10, will endlessly recommend!

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