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Bailey's Blue Dice Bag of Hoarding

Critical Role

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Do you have a never-ending obsession for dice like our very own enthusiast, Laura Bailey? Protect your collection in our custom Bailey's Dice Bag of Hoarding, inspired by the dice bags made for Laura by Critter Christina Ahrens (@marajade33082).


  • Oversized blue canvas and brown PU suede dice bag, with eight pockets and custom printed nylon lining featuring doodles by our friend Wendy Sullivan (@WendyDoodles)
  • Copper Critical Role logo pendant, copper eyelets and drawstring clasp
  • Canvas carrying strap
  • 10mm foam padding on the bottom to protect your precious dice


Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Lavender Onyxheart

i've been wanting one of these for ages, since i first saw them shown off during an episode; now i finally have it and it is perfect! can't wait to increase my collection to really give it a proper test of its full dice hoarding capacity

So big!

This thing holds soooooo many dice. It's amazing.

Perfect Fit

I have a bunch of metal dice in protective tins as well as a couple pouches full of polymer dice. There are enough spaces for all my dice to fit perfectly snug in the interior pouches and the carrying handle makes it wonderfully portable.

Destiny Nelson

Absolutely wonderful! I am so thrilled to finally have a Bag of Hording! Now I have so much more room to grown my dice collection!

Michael Tharp
2nd only to the black bag of holding!

I got the blue bag because the black is perpetually sold out. They're amazing bags and holds so many dice. all the pockets. I don't even know how many sets i have in here now.

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