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The Chronicles of Exandria Vol I: The Tale of Vox Machina

Vox Machina

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A stunning book collecting Vox Machina artwork from international Critter artists

The Chronicles of Exandria Vol I: The Tale of Vox Machina collects tons of Vox Machina art from the first half of their campaign journeys on Critical Role, collected in stunning coffee table book format.

This volume collects over 250 pages of art from Critters around the world, curated and art directed by Lauryn Ipsum as well as Critical Role’s Liam O’Brien and Taliesin Jaffe. With in-world commentary by the Cobalt Soul archivists of Exandria, this book devotes its first chapters of gorgeous illustrations to each member of Vox Machina. Later chapters take you on a whirlwind tour of the first half of the campaign, bringing the story’s arcs to vivid life through its artwork. 

The Chronicles of Exandria Vol. I: The Tale of Vox Machina will serve as a treasured companion to all who come to love these characters and their adventures.

Product Image Credits:

  • Cover art by Joe Madureira (Penciller) and Grace Liu (Colorist)
  • Vax illustration by Will Kirkby
  • Keyleth illustration by Kent Davis
  • Group illustration by Carlos Ruiz


  • Art Direction by Taliesin Jaffe, Liam O’Brien, Lauryn Ipsum
  • Curation by Lauryn Ipsum, Liam O’Brien and Taliesin Jaffe
  • Layout and Design by Lauryn Ipsum
  • Cover Art by Joe Madureira (Penciller) and Grace Liu (Colorist)
  • Copy by James Haeck, Taliesin Jaffe, and Liam O’Brien
  • Additional Copy by the Cast of Critical Role
  • Copy Editing and Proofing by David Alexander Willis, Meredith Katz
  • Project Management by TL Frasqueri-Molina
  • Interior Art by AICandii, Alexiel April, Amanda Hakim, Amanda Lien, Ameera Sheikh, Andrew S Keller, Andy Lee, Andy Shaw, Anna Janiszewska aka dearHadrian, Anna Zee, Anthony Bone Proctor, Ariana Orner, Arie Hong, Ayla Meridian, boaillustration, Brian ‘Sensej’ Terrero, Caio Santos, Carlos Ruiz, Caroline Johnson, Casey Bieda, Chandra Pandhita, Charlotte Sandmael, Chris Nelson, David Rodrigues, Deborah J Leone, Devon George, DJ Crumrine, Emily Kenyon, Evgenia Leonova, Grace Liu, Hugo Cárdenas, Idamaria Pajala, Iina Simonen, Ivona Medarski, J. Nicklas Andersson, Jackie Fletcher, Jade Liebes, Jason Charles Miller, Jess Taylor, Jesse Larsen, Jessica Mahon, Joana Carvalho, Joe Madureira, John Taylor, Joma Cueto, Joshua Brian Smith, Kageyama Satsuki, Karin Rindevall, Kendra Wells, Kent Davis, Kerri Aitken, Kit Buss, Lauryn Ipsum, Lin Romanov, Lina Brunhage, Linda Lithén, Lindsey Alvord, Lloyd E. S. Hoshide, Mark Hendrickson, Mark Vinson, Matthew Battis, Matthew Warwick, Matthew Wawn, Maya Kern, Meg Simmons, Megan Bradbury, Michelle Marham, Monica “Monmon” Gouveia Cabral, Nadine Salvo, Nick Robles, Oliver Elm, Olivia Samson, Ona Naumavičiūtė, Pri Parenzi, Risa Hulett, Rowan, Sebastian Reuter, Sedona Parnham, Selina Espiritu, Shelsey Muska, Stevie Morley, Thomas Brin, Tilla Segerstedt, Titta Tolvanen, Tom Boyle, Tomasz Chistowski, Viktor Engholm, Wendy Sullivan, Will Kirkby, William Brantingham Washington, and Wright Bruno

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Amazing art book! Glad I was able to snag the reprint!

I wasn't able to grab one from the original run so I'm very glad they reprinted it! I'm happy to add this to my collection of art books! I now have both the Vox Machina and Mighty Nein art books! I can't wait to but more in the future :)

Chris McClaran

An absolute must have for any Critter out there!

Love beyond words

Simply that. I cannot find the right, nor the right amount of words xd Frankly too many to use. So, huuuge capital L - Love, Love it is! To the artists out there and all the great people involved in bringing this grand treasure among art books in my hands <3

Jordyn Danae
Diamond Of The Collection

As soon as I received it, this is the most beautiful book I have ever owned! From the front cover to the detail of the ribbon bookmark, I was transported into the fairytale of the Legend of Vox Machina. The storybook format & parchment style pages in combination with the incomparable, annd frankly, breathtaking art makes this a coveted piece of fandom merch every Critter should have!

David Decker
Amazing art ans quality

This book is an amazing art book from the art displayed in it to and quality of the production. There are little Easter eggs if you look carefully. 😉

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