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Mollymauk Tealeaf (and Jester Lavorre) Oracle of the Moon Deck

Mighty Nein

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True, false, useful, or insightful, let the Oracle of the Moon Deck tell a story for you. This beautifully printed oracle deck features two balanced thoughts on each card, with readings like History & Dream, Home & Travel, Chaos & Joy, and so much more. Use classic tarot techniques or read the included advice from Mollymauk Tealeaf, with additions and doodles from Jester Lavorre. Ask a question or leave the reading up to chance!


  • ArtistMollymauk Tealeaf's cards: Caemiel Lilium (@caemiel) / Jester Lavorre's cards: Frei (@xfreischutz) / Box Art: Grace Berríos (@lassflores)
  • Features: This deck comes with 20 full color illustrated cards and 10 blank cards to customize on your own, packaged in an artistically soft touch allover print box with a lift off lid (size: 6.25” L x 5” W x 1” H) accompanied by a booklet with saddle stitch stapled binding ( size: 4.5” W x 5.9” H)
  • Materials: Rigid Box (packaging), Cardstock (cards), Matte Paper Page Finish (booklet)

Customer Reviews

Based on 528 reviews
Sarah Cook
At long last.

I have been waiting to buy these cards for some months now. I wanted to buy them as a Christmas present for my daughter last Christmas but sadly they were out of stock, so as soon as I saw they were available again I bought them straight away. It's a bit early for next Christmas but I know she is really keen to have them.

Jonathan Berry
Lost and Found

I ordered my Mollymauk oracle of the moon deck a while back and was really disappointed when I got a notification that it was undeliverable because “no such address exists”. (I promise I have a real house that is on this plane of existence... cough*) Fortunately I used a message spe… I mean contacted critical role customer service and spoke with Juan. He was super professional and got me a one time use discount code and I was able to order another deck! This time they sent it to me via USPS which is perfect because the local mail man knows where to put my mail so that I can reach into the planar rift… I mean mailbox to get it.
In all seriousness I love the deck and did my first Taro reading with my life coach and my reading was so spot on and cool and challenging. Thank you to the critical role team for making this and to customer service for working with me and being so helpful. I’m one step closer to my Mollymauk cosplay!


Absolutely stunning artwork and beautiful to the touch. Everything about the product is stunning!!!!!

Absolutely Perfect!!

I have wanted these tarot cards since I first started watched campaign 2, and have imagined what they all might look like so many times and I absolutely was NOT disappointed when I saw them!!! I love all the little easter eggs and Jester's fun little notes!! Each card is absolutely beautiful and I really enjoy how different Jester's are from Molly's!! Between the different fonts and the shift in art styles, it makes it really easy to tell which cards are who's!! My favorite is definitely the death/dawn card because it reminds me of the opening, but honestly the rest of them are all tied for second place because I love them so much!!
They are also amazing quality, and I love the box they come in! My only complaint (not that it's much of a complaint) is that the box they came in made the cards seem like they would be much bigger than they are. I don't mind that they are smaller than the box makes it seem, but the box is pretty big for a tarot deck, so it's a little hard to fit it with my other ones, so I wish the box was closer to the size of the cards. But it's not really a big deal, so I don't really mind. I also really like the little ribbon, it makes it easy to separate the cards that are done, from the blank ones (speaking of, I absolutely love that I get to design my own cards!! I'm not much of an artist, so I don't know that I will ever have the confidence to finish them, but it means so much to me that I get the opportunity to add to the deck if I want!!!)

Ryan Hale

Great quality and fast shipping.

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