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Bells Hells Dice Set: Fearne Calloway

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Ignited by wildlife magic, this dice set is inspired by the fierce faun herself Fearne Calloway. The sharp-edged, clear set subtly reflects the dyed flowers and gold leaves inside, featuring pale green numbering and an icon of Little Mister’s face on the 20-side of the d20 die.

Please note the exact coloration may vary between both dice and sets.


  • Artist: Leia Rondeau
  • Set of 7 sharp edged epoxy resin polyhedral dice including one of each of the following dice styles:
    • d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and percentile dice
  • Dice set arrives in a pale green synthetic (polyurethane) leather bag with a debossed Critical Role logo, drawstrings, and pink nylon lining. 
  • Metal Bells Hells charm on drawstring.

Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Beautiful Dice Set, However...

Beautiful dice set however the slight problem I have with them is the green on the dice looks great but it isn't as visible as I would like. Also the 4-sided die is a bit too sharp and if someone wasn't careful grabbing them they may poke themselves. Besides that they are fantastic dice, especially considering the price. I'm going to get the Ashton Greymoore set next!


Absolutely love these dice

Lovely Dice to Add to my collection

This is my 2nd set of dice, and I love them. I love the green, and the flowers inside of the dice. Feels very Druidy ^.^ Lovely Dice Thanks So much! I really appreciated the packaging from CR that says "How do you want to do this". Thanks so much!

So beautiful

I love these dice. The roses on the inside are an amazing touch.

Dennis Groen
Amazing dice

Really beautiful dice! Just as expected when ordering and I will definitely order some more different dice from CR.

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