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Vox Machina Dice Set: Vax'ildan

Vox Machina

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Break out the daggers! Made in partnership with our friends at Die Hard Dice, this Vax-inspired dice set features red-inked numbering on marbled black and silver dice. The d20 features an icon of a dagger crossed with a feather on the 20-side.

Please note that due to the marbling, the exact coloration may vary between both dice and sets.


  • Set of 7 acrylic polyhedral dice including one of each of the following dice styles
    • d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and percentile dice
  • Dice set arrives in a black PU leather drawstring bag with a debossed Critical Role logo and silver satin lining.
  • Metal Vox Machina charm on drawstring.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Awesome set

Ordered this set because i love the colors,the black dice bag is a nice touch

Cader Schatzman
Excellent Dice!

These dice are absolutely amazing and beautiful! In fact, they came out looking better in person than they did on this site when I bought them. The size is amazing, the little daggers are beautiful, and they roll really well. I even TPK’ed my party with these! The dice bag itself is another wonderful addition to the entire deal, and I’m using it for all my dice from now on.

The only issue some people might have is that these dice are lighter than expected. I personally prefer light dice, so it’s a solid deal for me, but I know some people prefer heavier dice, so this might not be what those people are looking for.

Mikahla Monios
First roll was a nat 20!

My 1st roll with these dice was a nat 20! Couldn't help but hear Vax saying "dager dager" when I saw it. I love the colors so much the swirl is beautiful!


Love these dice!! The pouch bag is also amazing!

Lexi Carlson
Great gift!

This set I bought for someone in my D&D group as a gift. These dice are VERY light. Some people like that, some don't. I think they'll like these. (The whole "don't look a gift horse in the mouth") I will say the draw strings on the bag seem like they won't hold up with an extreme amount of use, but the bag is big enough to hold more than one set of dice. The dice themselves have great color and easy to read numbers with nice smoothed over edges. Other than the strings and how light the dice are, this is a functional set.

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