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Critical Role Dice Tome Rolling Tray

Critical Role

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Disguised as a book—Explorer’s Guide to Jrusar from the Starpoint Conservatory—the Critical Role Dice Tome Rolling Tray is wrapped in dark green faux leather and detailed with antique debossed metal in gold. Crack open this tome to reveal your dice, ready for Rollies on the felt-lined full rolling tray on the left, while the right side is divided for rolling and storage of accessories and minis.

Note: Dice not included.


  • Artist: Sophie Humphries (@sophumph)
  • Dimensions: 
    • Exterior: 7 (L) x 4.75 (W) x 2 (H) inches
    • Interior: 11.5 inches total width when opened
      • Left side: 4.75 (W) x 7 (L) inches
      • Right side: 3 inches (L) - bottom lined tray | 3.25 inches (L) - top tray divided storage compartments
  • Materials: 
    • Box: Medium-density fiberboard with felt liner
    • Faux-leather wrap: Polyurethane leather
    • Buckle strap and magnetic clasp closure: Metal
    • Interior foam: The foam insert helps to keep dice and minis in place when closed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
.Serves its Purpose.

At first glance, it looks near perfect.
Inside, the green felt looks and feels beautiful.

But if you take a closer look. Minor scrapes and dents. Glue isn’t set cleanly and needs to be pressed in more.

The button is actually a weak magnet instead of a strong clasp.

The worst is this chip. Picture included.

Also, previous reviews mention that it doesn’t hold minis and dice in its place. I cut the black cushion that was provided with a small hole (pictured) big enough for me to easily insert and remove it. Now everything I put in its cubby stays in its place.

Overall, it serves its purpose.


Excellent product!! I love it so much!! Best rolling tray!

I’m a huge fan of the show! I was so happy to finally get this! It’s amazing. The sounds it makes when you roll is very pleasing. Definitely my favorite rolling tray so far. Very fast shipping! It came on the perfect day! I got it only a couple hours before my game started. I was so excited to use it! Works great and it’s perfect for my Aberrant Mind Sorcerer. I can’t wait until the campaign 3 character’s dice sets come out. I’d love to roll Imogen, Laudna and Fearne dice in this tray.

Chris Castillo
EGtW Vol 1

Makes for a nice conversation piece at the table. And good for holding your dice at the ready. As far as its use as a rolling tray, personally I prefer a bit more surface area to better my odds 😁 Other than that, it does make for a nice carriage container for dice, minis, etc.

Very disappointing

I received it cut on the back and with glue on the sides. Even if it is delivery's fault, it can not be closed, because of the manufacturer defect. Very disappointed.

Marvin Kramer

Awesome. Love it.

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