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Critical Role Sticky Notes 3-Pack

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Take notes in style with our 3-pack set of sticky notes! Each packet comes in a themed booklet inspired by the adventurers of Critical Role.

  • The Tales of Exandria™ Vol. 1 booklet features iconography representative of Vox Machina and Mighty Nein characters.
  • The Chaos Crew Issue 1 booklet is themed to appear like a comic book in which Beau, Nott, and Jester first form the Chaos Crew.
  • The Der Katzenprinz cover is inspired by the book Caleb read to Jester of the same name late in the Mighty Nein's travels.


  • Artists: 
    • Travels in Exandria™ Vol. 1 cover by Grace Berríos (@lassflores)
    • Chaos Crew 1st Issue cover by Jordyn Torrence (@atjordyn)
    • Der Katzenprinz cover by Adrián Ibarra Lugo (@ailustrar)
  • Each booklet has 60 lined and 60 unlined sticky notes
  • Dimensions: 
    • Booklet: 2.5 x 4 inches cover, 0.5 inch spine width
    • Paper: 2 x 3.5 inches
  • Cover: 600 gsm
  • Paper: 80 gsm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    Courtney Hatcher
    Amazing laudna dice and post it’s XD

    The post it notes illustrates are so cool I’ll have a hard time using them lol!

    Great Design and Idea, Poor Execution

    While I absolutely adore the designs and the idea behind these little books, the adhesive on the paper is just awful. I don't think I've ever gotten a page to come off and not destroy the one underneath as well. The pages curl a ton too after being removed and you can't actually restick them at all. So much stays on the page below that you can't even write on the top like ~25% of the page cause it's just covered in residue from the adhesive nothing that I've tried can write on without ruining the tip of whatever you're writing with.

    Corey Smith
    Can't beat the look

    Amazing art and really adds to the look of my play area for D&D

    Morgan Overmiller

    Pocket sized (even for small pockets!), charming design, versatile, fairly sturdy, and convenient! I had been looking for a pocket notebook, and these are perfect!


    They're so cute and little! Love them!

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