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Critical Role HDYWTDT Tankard

Critical Role

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How do you want to drink this? Like Grog Strongjaw, you can now let the ale flow straight down your gullet from our very shiny tankard. Or enjoy a delectable tankard of milk with your favorite donut, preferred and recommended by our lovely Jester Lavorre

Featuring custom calligraphy by our Critter friend, Chris Gladis (@mshades01).


  • Stainless Steel
  • Contains 580mL (19.6oz)
  • "How Do You Want To Do This?" etched into the body of the tankard.
  • Critical Role logo etched into the bottom of the tankard.
  • Hand wash only.

For sanitary reasons, all sales are final and cannot be returned.

I Would Like To Rage Tankard Wrap is SOLD SEPARATELY.

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Almost perfect

I like the mug very much.
The only criticism I have is the slightly too small handle. I have average male hands and I can’t get my hand through the handle as much as I would like to.

Geoffrey Beaune

Great mug keeps beer cold.

Matthew England
Good Tankard

Nice weight, feels good in my hand, holds a good amount of drink.

Jonathan Herren
Goblet of the gods

This is my new favorite cup. It's the perfect size and the wide base makes it harder to knock off the table, especially during high intensity moments in game.

Alexander Foerster
I'm an adventurer now

I can finally slam my tankard down on the table and yell for more ale without worrying about breaking another one. This tankard isn't just an amazing container for beverages but it could double as an impromptu weapon when needing to smash the drunkard starting the bar fights. But who am I kidding that drunkard is me. :P

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