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Queen by Midnight

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Best Board Game Nominee for 2023 Tabletop Awards
Best Art
 Nominee for 2023 Tabletop Awards

Download the Updated Rulebook

Which Princess will be crowned Queen by Midnight in this battle-royale deck-building board game of guile, deception, and brawn?

  • Player Count: 3–6
  • Minimum Age: 12+
  • Game Length: 60–90 mins

Overview: The Midnight Queen is dead... As her kingdom weeps, the Queen’s dying command was to invoke the Rule By Midnight: a trial of combat and guile, where the Princesses of Twelvefold meet in secret to battle and scheme against one another. Each Princess wields unique tactics to battle for the Midnight Court, but as the clock strikes 12, only one shall wear the crown. 


  • Use your cards to scheme, brawl, and cast your way to victory!
  • Six unique styles of play.
  • Pledge your loyalty to others to hedge your bets!

Inside: The centerpiece of this game is a stunning Clocktower that tracks turns, offers cards to buy, and rolls your dice! It spins to face each player on their turn. Nearly 200 cards are themed to your specific Princess, with additional Bazaar cards (75) available to customize your deck. Tokens, trackers, boards, and other cards make gameplay easy to track even when things are getting heated.


  • 3-6 players
  • 60-90 minutes
  • Ages 12+
  • Contents
    • 14 page rulebook
    • 6 Player Boards
    • 2 Six Sided Dice
    • 6 Clout & Health Tracker Boards
    • 12 Wooden Health/Clout tokens 
    • 108 Princess Vault Cards
    • 75 Bazaar Cards
    • 60 Starter Cards
    • 6 Ultimate/Inner Circle Cards
    • 30 Declaration Cards
    • 24 Loyalty Tokens
    • 24 Lash Tokens
    • 15 Prophecy Tokens
    • 1 Trance Token
    • 30 Level Tokens
    • Clocktower 
  • Creative Team
    • Created and Designed by: Kyle Shire
    • Additional Design by: Alex Uboldi
    • Graphic Design
      • Layout: Matt Paquette
      • Cardboard: David Killing
    • Art by: Ameera Sheikh, Michal Ivan, and Mike Pape
    • Editing: Travis D. Hill, Donald Behne, Darcy Ross, and Kaitlyn Money
    • Playtest Coordinator: Hank Finnin
    • Cultural Consulting: Christine Sandquist and James Mendez Hodes

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Preston Mack
    Great times (Queen) by midnight

    The quality of the clocktower is amazing! We loved the game play, which was easy to pick up quickly. It was a blast!

    Alisha Lemon
    It's a lot...

    It is an absolutely gorgeous game! The artwork is fantastic and the premise is very interesting. The setup alone took almost an hour. We were very confused about which cards went with which character and what decks went where. We ended up watching a tutorial video on Youtube to get things figured out but even that was confusing. After we finally got it all together, we did not have the mental stamina to figure out how to play it. It is a very layered and complicated game. We decided after all that to put it back in the box and try again another day. It's a lot to take in all at once.

    Jon H.
    Good but Flawed Execution

    The game itself is pretty good! It plays nicely and is a good twist on a classic deckbuiler. The mechanics are fun and swapping throughout the game for stronger market decks is interesting. However, this run of the game does not have the updated rulebook or any player references. They are available to download but I wish there was a note listed on the store page. The insert that comes with the game also requires you to get a little creative for storing any components outside of the clock. Worth grabbing on sale or waiting for a 2nd edition if you don't want to have to deal with printing updates yourself

    Stephen Rosendale
    An absolutely Must Have!

    I cannot say enough good things about this game! I have begun to grow my own personal collection of board games, and Queen By Midnight has instantly become a hit with friends of mine! Both board game fans like me and others who are just fans of Critical Role, this game has become an immediate hit! Friendly jabs, banter, trickery, intrigue, strategy, and just great all-around fun! If you want a game that's not terribly difficult to learn but packed full of great content and mastery, do not waste another moment! And let's not even get started on that beautiful, masterful, and stunning art! 10/10 one of the best board games I've picked up and played lately!

    Morgan Sucharski
    Very fun, easy to understand

    My friends and I had a great time playing Queen by Midnight. None of us are super into deck builders, but we jumped in, rules seemed complex but were actually pretty easy to understand once we got going. I played Dr. Lux and had so much fun with her character and playstyle. The clock/dice tower looks really cool and we were able to build it pretty easily. Definitely one we're going to play again!

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