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Beauty of Exandria: The Wildes - Caduceus Clay Cardigan Sweater

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Traverse the Wildes of Exandria™ in style with our Caduceus Clay Cardigan Sweater featuring a wondrous assortment of beetles, mushrooms, tea, and dice. Crafted perfectly for your resident healer!



  • Artist: Adriann Helton
  • Sizing: Unisex mid-length loose fit (**Marisha is wearing a size Small)
  • Custom engraved woodgrain seven-button closure
  • Garment length approximately 32" 
  • Materials: 100% acrylic

Customer Reviews

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Sam Lott
Mens sizing = Big sweater

I'm a 5'4" 165lb woman (usually a size 12-14), and I got a medium. It's a little big on me, but comfy in the way a loose hoodie is. It falls over most of my butt, and the sleeves cover most of my hands, with just the tips of my fingers poking out when standing with my arms at my sides. Fits me a bit better than the FCG sweater, but has no pockets and is made of 100% plastic. I try to avoid clothing made of plastic, but I made an exception for CR swag.

Johnathan Barrett
Comfy tea vibes

I'm really happy I was able to get this. It's extremely comfy and is really great at keeping me warm

Warm Fuzzies

The cut is a little large in the shoulder-region, but as someone who enjoys oversized, comfy things, I don't mind it at all. The sleeve length falls to just the tips of my fingers when held at my sides. When at my desk, it means that my palms and the backs of my hands are enveloped in cozy ribbed knitting. As someone who tends to be cold most of the time, its a lovely bonus.

Most of my cardigans are collar-less so learning to style one with a collar is fun. The knit is very cozy and warm and the colour serves lattes (very apt considering one of the knitted patterns is a steamy brew). I am personally taken by the scarab beetles. I am very pleased with the chunky buttons and darling mushroom details. Casually repping one of my favourite characters (and influencer groups) is brilliant. I'm always excited for whatever comes next with the Beauty of Exandria line.

Super soft, and well made

I love it. I was worried with it being knit that it would be itchy, and it is one of the softest knit sweaters I own! I adore the sleeves being wide all the way down. It makes me happy to know I won't stretch out the wrist area when I push them up my arms.

Joao Fiuza
Absolutely love it

It arrived super fast and it looks amazing

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