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Mighty Nein ReAction Figure - Caduceus Clay

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Our partners at Super7 have crafted a full set of ReAction Figures of The Mighty Nein, each featuring 5 points of articulation as well as accessories! 

Gentle and insightful, Caduceus Clay is a believer in tea and conversation to solve life’s conflicts and comfort his friends. This 3.75” scale articulated Critical Role ReAction Figure of Caduceus Clay features him in his cold weather outfit and comes with the Blightstaff and Shield of Retribution accessories. 

Roll the dice and add the Critical Role ReAction Figure of Caduceus Clay to your collection!


  • Artist: Super7 and Ariana Tressel-Orner
  • Features: 6 x 9 inch figure card art packaging
  • Materials: Injected Plastic & Paint
  • Intended for Age 14+
  • Product Dimensions: 2.75 inches
FINAL SALE NOTE: for online purchases made during promotional sale period: 1/25/23-1/31/23, all sales are final and cannot be returned. Information regarding our returns and exchanges policy can be reviewed here

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Alright, but not great.

    First off, the painting on these are beautiful, and the packaging is gorgeous. It would have to be because once you take them out that's where the positive things I can say about these end. Caddy stands up better than the Yasha I got, but he's still just a stiff breeze away from falling over and his accessories springing off of him. The shield is meant to be attached to his forearm I think, but there's nowhere that it actually fits. It's just kind of a "if we make this vaguely arm shaped bracket at the back it will probably work" effort on that. Well, it doesn't. There are some spots you can attach it and it stays ok, but it's never the same place twice and it usually looks kinda weird. But it only looks weird for a little while because he's just going to fall over again and that shield is going to go flying... as will his staff. I will make the same comment about the articulation as I did on Yasha, and question why it's even bothered with. It's not like there are many positions you can put them into and have them actually stand up. If I hadn't bought this during a 2 for 1 sale I would have felt a bit ripped off, but getting a deal, and my soft spot for these characters keeps me from feeling too down about it.

    Eli H.
    The nature boy!!!

    Got him alongside Veth and I love him! Reminds me a lot of figures I played with as a kid. His accessories clip into his arms easily and stay in place well, and the packaging is so pretty!

    The only thing that bugs me is that his right foot points forward a little, which means he has trouble standing up on his own. That’s okay though—I imagine he just needs to lie down after carrying the team so often.

    Overall 10/10, definitely getting them all!

    Mike M.

    The articulation may be limited, but that's greatly overshadowed by all of the details on the figure and accessories, and those colors pop! The packaging is just fantastic and really makes it worth the money...the card back embossed with silver and gold foil, all of the little references specific to the character on the front design, beautiful artwork on the back, even the gold foil behind the figure! My only disappointment was how the figure was shipped, as there was nothing keeping it from rattling around in the box, allowing a couple of the corners to bend.

    Todd P Gerger
    Love all the figures

    The boxes they come on are perfect the character are very nicely done and I would recommend to any one to get one of each

    Caduecus Clay

    This was a birthday gift for my daughter she loves it! It came earlier than I'd expected - nice surprise - and was packaged securely.
    I bought this figure during the '2 for 1' sale the shop contacted me to confirm that I only wanted the one figure; I thought that was very considerate and appreciated the concern.
    Very happy with this purchase - as we have been with all of our purchases from CR.

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