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WizKids Minis: Monsters of Wildemount Set I

Mighty Nein

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Enhance your campaign with thrilling creatures straight from the world of Exandria™ and imagined by Matthew Mercer! Now you and your players can come face-to-face with memorable monsters like the frog-like Nergaliid, or the dreaded Husk Zombie. In the Monsters of Wildemount Set 1, choose from nine epic pre-painted miniatures to add to your own campaign.

This set includes:

  • Core Spawn Crawler
  • Core Spawn Emissary
  • Core Spawn Seer
  • Husk Zombie
  • Shadowghast
  • Aeorian Absorber
  • Aeorian Nullifier
  • Aeorian Reverser
  • Nergalid

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews
    Scott Lamb
    Perfect Monsters for running my campaign

    The quality of these minitures was on point. I am using them for my campaign currently and my players love them. The paint job is better quality then the usual wizkids fair. I'm very satisfied.

    Joshua Bunch

    Great product! Little bit of trouble getting it out of the packaging, but it shipped perfectly and very happy overall! 5 stars

    Avraham Feinsilver
    Amazing Minis!

    I really love those minis, I think they came very well preserved (even though the shipping is very far) the colors on them is amazing, and of course these are minis that most I recognize from the campaigns and it's really awesome!

    Kristy Gilbert
    Something missing

    I'm going to start with the negative, because there's not really very much. I didn't like all the emails asking me for review before I even got the product even though you guys know exactly when it's delivered. Sending me an email stating that you fulfilled the order 10 days ago and knowing that I didn't receive it when I ordered it, still sending me emails to review a product I still don't even have in my hand, seems like a bit much and also makes me question some of the other reviews on this page. The other thing that I feel like this product was missing was an index or a key, I know some people are like well you can just look it up. Yes but you have to go to the description here on this page to get the names of the minis if you haven't memorized them all, and then look them up. It would be simple just to put a very brief description of the name and attributes either on the box or in the box with them. This would be very helpful. So that really isn't a negative just something that would make this a better product. As for the product itself, it is awesome they are well painted, they look incredible I can't wait to use them. This is not something I regret getting nor do I think anybody purchasing it will. For the product itself definitely a five stars for the insane amount of emails I received asking for reviews of minus half a star, and for no index minus half a star. Again not anything really negative, but I now will think twice before I look at any five star reviews on this page. It definitely knock the trust down that somebody could be writing these reviews before they even get their hands on the product.

    Munique "Mojaa" Robinson
    Beautifully painted set

    I got these as a Christmas present for my fiance, so he hasn't seen them yet but I'm sure he'll love them.

    I'm hoping the UNPAINTED Bells Hells and maybe even the EXU characters will come out soon, as I currently have the unpainted Mighty Nein and Vox Machina sets as well as Pumat Sols and a few others. I'm working to get a space set up for us to start painting the minis and I hope he'll like them all when he gets them.

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