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Bells Hells Dice Set: Laudna

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Enchanted with shadow magic, this dice set is inspired by the fearless spellcaster Laudna. The charming, sharp-edged set is transparent white bone with black drip, bearing embossed red numbering and a scissor icon on the 20-side of the d20 die.

Please note the exact coloration may vary between both dice and sets.


  • Artist: Leia Rondeau
  • Set of 7 sharp edged epoxy resin polyhedral dice including one of each of the following dice styles:
    • d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and percentile dice
  • Dice set arrives in a dark purple synthetic (polyurethane) leather bag with a debossed Critical Role logo, drawstrings, and red nylon lining. 
  • Metal Bells Hells charm on drawstring.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely love the creativity behind these dice! The visual of having two souls in one dice was such a great idea and it was pulled off in such a amazing way. One of my favorite dice 11/10!

Laudna Dice, Gorgeous and flawed

Laudna is a fantastic, well-designed character, and I loved the aesthetic they drew into the dice set. Great colors to represent Laudna, and really gorgeous swirls inside. The dice are trimmed and polished well and really stand out in my collection. Bold and sharp, and if others weren't aware, they're a little bigger than "normal" dice because they're not sanded down in a tumbler (which makes "normal" dice a little smaller), which I love. The burgundy faux-leather bag, with its bright red lining and metal Bells Hells tag make this a nice set.

I have two issues though, one minor, and one maybe a little more than minor. The minor one is that (as a few others have noted) when the dark red number inking is backed by a dark swirl, it is really hard to read. I may very lightly re-ink those sides in white. Ink color and number visibility are really important, and I pass on dice frequently that might be pretty, but the numbers are hard to read.

The other problem is a little more disappointing. While using these for the first time last week, the d6 felt ... odd. I compared it to some other dice edge-to-edge, and sure enough, the d6 sits about a half millimeter more 'squat' on the 1-6 side. Most dice are imperfect, some opaque or cheap dice are egregiously so, but when I buy 'sharp' dice, I expect them to be more accurate than the average -- mainly because they are not tumbler sanded like bulk dice are. I'm aware that the somewhat-more-handcrafted resin dice can have flaws, but I was bummed to find variance in the d8 as well. Without a super-accurate measuring device, I'm just comparing edges and points. the d20, d12 and d10s all seem okay, and is barely of consequence in d4s. D6s and d8s are rolled pretty often though.

I'm still going to use these dice, because they are beautiful and I dig the Laudna aesthetic so much. And hey, maybe their flaws are part of what makes them Laudna.


I love this dice set. The detail inside of all of them are great! They tend to always find their way into my dice tray every game.

Mason Snyder

Very cool dice set. Wasn’t sure how I’d enjoy the sharp edges on the dice, but I ended up really enjoying them. Very happy with the purchase.

Laudna Dice

They were everything I hoped for and I love their look and feel. Used them for the first time in a game this week and they were loved by the whole table.

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