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Critical Role Watercolor Logo Journal

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Keep your secrets safe in this hardcover, white, polyurethane leather journal featuring the Critical Role watercolor logo debossed on the front, a beautiful light blue ribbon to keep your place, and an elastic band to keep it closed or locked on a page. Inside are beautiful watercolor endpapers and an expandable pocket on the back inside cover, ready to hold your inspirations and creations.


  • Artist: Grace Berríos (@lassflores)
  • A5 Paper: 240 page count, 160 lined, 80 gridded, 80gsm weight
  • Critical Role logo debossed on back

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Link Brindle
I may love journals too much.

A fine addition to my collection of journals. The gridded paper towards the end will come in handy, I am sure; I haven't gotten to use gridded paper in my writing endeavors before, but we will see! I'm sure it's handy for sketching out things such as maps or diagrams.

Kyle Johnson
So many amazing things

Got 2 sets of dice, a journal and a campaign book. All of the items are wonderful quality and arrived quickly. So excited to use these for current and future games. The journal is wonderful, feels great, looks great. Almost don't want to write in it, but that'd be a waste.

Amanda melendez
Love this!

Its a beautiful journal. Already started writing in it!

Kaleb Ramaker
Critical Role Review

I have recently become a critter and have been loving it. The products are amazing so props to Laura. I got my orders so fast too!! Love everyone at Critical Role, keep up all of the great hard work you do. It pays off and all of the fans can see it.

Kaitlyn H.
CR Journals

I own several CR journals and will continue buying more as they join the CR Shop! They are great quality, useful at the table, and I love the lined and squared pages for different exercises. Not to mention, each one looks fantastic and the artwork keeps up with wear and tear! These are also excellent for collecting and can easily be used day to day. So they are versatile and make for a great conversation starter or for finding fellow Critters in “the wild”. The colors on this one are just as beautiful in person and I can’t wait to get cracking once I fill up my previous journal!

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