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Till the Last Gasp

Darrington Press

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A 2-player dramatic storytelling game of duels and drama

Spanning genres and settings, this game throws you straight into two player PvP action—and as blows are exchanged, emotions are betrayed, secrets revealed, and stakes raised. Till the Last Gasp uniquely enables you to capture the climactic energy of your favorite cinematic showdowns, in new tales imagined by you! 

Designed by Will Hindmarch (Gameplaywright, Hookseed Vol. 1) with additional design by Alex Roberts (Star Crossed: The Two-Player Game of Forbidden Love, For the Queen), gameplay lasts about an hour and is perfect for small groups, game nights, or dates!

Everything you need to play comes in the box, enabling you to create original settings and characters from your wildest imagination or jump right in with our three pre-made scenarios, 12 pre-made characters, and 9 maps as backdrops to your legendary duel. Stakes not high enough? The Drama Deck will heighten your play with prompts like: “Insist to your foe that they are making a mistake. Tell them what it is.” and “Admit a secret it has pained you to keep hidden.”

Describe & Dramatize: Till the Last Gasp draws steel and goes for the heart! A duel flourishes to life with the drama you bring to each move—this is a storytelling game as much about your character’s innermost feelings as it is about armor or weapons. Reflect the heat of your conflict in your surroundings: smash vases, swing from chandeliers, and scar machinery with laser swords.

Duel in Any Setting: Play fist-fighting monks, gunslingers on a windswept plain, high-tech laser sharpshooters, and wielders of the arcane arts! Till the Last Gasp can accommodate nearly any setting and a wide variety of genres and characters. You can even import characters from other storytelling games or media you love! Use the conflict between two characters to delve into the heart of their story, the setting itself, and the emotions tangled within them. 

Dive Right In: All you need are two players (and an optional facilitator), the box, and your imagination to play. Create new characters and worlds on the spot, or use the included scenarios for quick no-prep play. 


  • 2-3 players 
  • 60-90 minutes 
  • Ages 14+
  • Contents:
    • A 40-page rulebook with step-by-step instructions and examples of play, as well as three pre-made scenarios
    • 2 twenty-sided Duel Dice
    • 20 six-sided Edge Dice
    • 2 Player Boards
    • 9 Jumbo Map Cards for thrilling genre-spanning backdrops to your duels
    • 12 pre-made characters for quick play
    • 2 blank character sheets 
    • Drama Deck
    • Objectives and Stance Cards
    • Tokens and trackers
  • Creative Team:
    • Created By: Will Hindmarch
    • Additional Design: Alex Roberts
    • Producer: Alex Uboldi
    • Writing By: Alex Roberts, Meredith Katz, and Austin Taylor
    • Editor: Meredith Katz
    • Scenarios By: Austin Taylor
    • Graphic Design: Stephanie Gottesman
    • Illustration: Arka Tu, Daryna Kyrychenko, and Idamaria Pajala
    • Cover Art: Arka Tu
    • Cultural Consultant: James Mendez Hodes

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dylan Lukowicz
Incredible RP experience for beginners

My fiancé has always wanted to try role playing games, but found D&D daunting. Till the last gasp gives an excellent and fun start to TTRPGs in an action packed and brilliantly designed package!

Kevin Cunningham
A First Look at a Last Gasp

This game sets itself out with one purpose: recreating the narrative tension of a climactic duel. No game system I have ever played has ever captured this feeling quite like Till the Last Gasp. The back and forth of striking blows and causing wounds. The dramatic reveals that can shift a story into new and exciting avenues. That one decisive moment can be the difference between victory and defeat. You can avenge your father who was felled at the hand of a six fingered man, delimb your long lost son in an ill advised attempt to covert his religion, or just prove that "whoa, you know kung fu".

The quality of the pieces are top notch, the presentation is stellar, and the rules are quick to pickup and easy to understand. After just a few trial runs, this is now a permanent staple at my table. I don't think I'll ever want to resolve a duel another way.

There is one small issue, and that is the inherently balanced nature of the game. This system does not inherently work for a mismatched skill/power level. It also might have limitations when the combatants are at a more heroic level. Adjustments could be made, but out of the box the rules don't support it. The game just isn't designed with demigods in mind, nor will it really allow for David to triumph over Goliath. With that in mind, it still provides an incredible base by which one can form a compelling and engaging story.

Corry Igo
A lot of fun

A fun dueling game, I would love to see CR add duelers over time taken from campaigns 1-3, however I am also enjoying creating characters and environments from a current dnd group to duel with. Love it and shipping was fast and easy! Love it.

Rory Gilbert
Very good and fun

I got this for my family but it ended up being a warm up tool for my D&D game to get people in the RP frame of mind.
Fantastic tool. Fun game.

Pic was taken from day I got it.

Shawn Magaw
Fun game and Great tool for improvisation

My wife and I just played our first game. We watched an online playthrough to help with getting started. The game is really fun if you let yourself be a bit over the top. We used the pre-generated characters to get started. My wife wants to improve her improvisation and storytelling. She is our DM but she struggles with building round fights with dramatic monologues and those kinds of things. I wanted to lose myself in my character and really improve my ability to role-play without being self-conscious. We could see our skills improving and we will definitely have more duels to continue to improve. I noticed that another poster stated that the duel part is a bit weak but the storytelling is the strongest part. I would agree, but I would say that learning to describe your own injuries to make the fight come to life is the skill that will translate back to your gaming. This is not meant to be Rolemaster/ MERP. Enjoy the game for what it is. A fun way for two people to share a story and a laugh while improving your skills at full-sized RPGs.

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