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Critical Role: The Mighty Nein -- Isharnai's Hut 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Prepare an offering as you ascend the mountaintop to find “Isharnai’s Hut,” the Prism Sage’s lair, perched ahead of the Mighty Nein in this 19”x27” 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle by our friends at The Op. 


  • Artist: Jessica Nguyen (@jessketchin)
  • Dimensions: 19 inches x 27 inches once assembled

Customer Reviews

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Reani I.

As gorgeous as the artwork is, it is not a piece that translates well to being a puzzle. The colors are very dark, and while that is usually not a problem, they are too muddled together to make anything of the darkest parts. Even the lighter parts are extremely difficult to put together, because there aren't any lines or details to follow to put the pieces together. While I usually don't have any issue pushing through even the most difficult puzzles, I have had to put this one to the side for the time being, until I have significant time to put aside to work on just this puzzle and nothing else.

Dave McGuire
Still working on The vox Machina one but cannot wait to bust the open.

These buzzels are awesome I am almost done with the Vox Machina one .. and waiting to bust this one open.
Challange Rating 12

Denise Taylor
Beautiful puzzle

Gorgeous artwork. Looking forward to the challenge!

Chris P
Fun but too dark

The art work on this on the website is much much lighter than the real thing. I've loved all the critical role puzzles I've put together, but the shiny material combined with the incredibly dark image makes this one more frustrating than fun.

Chloe Wyatt
Their hardest puzzle yet

First, let me say the art is beautiful however it's the print quality that lets the puzzle down.
As some others have said, this puzzle is DARK. It is nothing like the box, you can hardly make out any details on the pieces. I basically had to sort the pieces into light and dark and guess what they were. I think it was made even harder as there are no definitive lines or anything, its just grass or foliage so most pieces could have gone anyway in a large section.

If you're looking for a challenge then I would say try this puzzle.
All of the other Critical Role puzzles have taken me around 4 hours each, this one took well over 15 hours over the span of 2 weeks as it was the most frustrating thing to work on.
Personally, I'm not breaking this one up and I'm storing it in large chunks as I know I don't want to try it again, it wasn't particularly enjoyable to complete compared to their other puzzles.

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