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Till the Last Gasp

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A 2-player dramatic storytelling game of duels and drama

Spanning genres and settings, this game throws you straight into two player PvP action—and as blows are exchanged, emotions are betrayed, secrets revealed, and stakes raised. Till the Last Gasp uniquely enables you to capture the climactic energy of your favorite cinematic showdowns, in new tales imagined by you! 

Designed by Will Hindmarch (Gameplaywright, Hookseed Vol. 1) with additional design by Alex Roberts (Star Crossed: The Two-Player Game of Forbidden Love, For the Queen), gameplay lasts about an hour and is perfect for small groups, game nights, or dates!

Everything you need to play comes in the box, enabling you to create original settings and characters from your wildest imagination or jump right in with our three pre-made scenarios, 12 pre-made characters, and 9 maps as backdrops to your legendary duel. Stakes not high enough? The Drama Deck will heighten your play with prompts like: “Insist to your foe that they are making a mistake. Tell them what it is.” and “Admit a secret it has pained you to keep hidden.”

Describe & Dramatize: Till the Last Gasp draws steel and goes for the heart! A duel flourishes to life with the drama you bring to each move—this is a storytelling game as much about your character’s innermost feelings as it is about armor or weapons. Reflect the heat of your conflict in your surroundings: smash vases, swing from chandeliers, and scar machinery with laser swords.

Duel in Any Setting: Play fist-fighting monks, gunslingers on a windswept plain, high-tech laser sharpshooters, and wielders of the arcane arts! Till the Last Gasp can accommodate nearly any setting and a wide variety of genres and characters. You can even import characters from other storytelling games or media you love! Use the conflict between two characters to delve into the heart of their story, the setting itself, and the emotions tangled within them. 

Dive Right In: All you need are two players (and an optional facilitator), the box, and your imagination to play. Create new characters and worlds on the spot, or use the included scenarios for quick no-prep play. 


  • 2-3 players 
  • 60-90 minutes 
  • Ages 14+
  • Contents:
    • A 40-page rulebook with step-by-step instructions and examples of play, as well as three pre-made scenarios
    • 2 twenty-sided Duel Dice
    • 20 six-sided Edge Dice
    • 2 Player Boards
    • 9 Jumbo Map Cards for thrilling genre-spanning backdrops to your duels
    • 12 pre-made characters for quick play
    • 2 blank character sheets 
    • Drama Deck
    • Objectives and Stance Cards
    • Tokens and trackers
  • Creative Team:
    • Created By: Will Hindmarch
    • Additional Design: Alex Roberts
    • Producer: Alex Uboldi
    • Writing By: Alex Roberts, Meredith Katz, and Austin Taylor
    • Editor: Meredith Katz
    • Scenarios By: Austin Taylor
    • Graphic Design: Stephanie Gottesman
    • Illustration: Arka Tu, Daryna Kyrychenko, and Idamaria Pajala
    • Cover Art: Arka Tu
    • Cultural Consultant: James Mendez Hodes

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Not easy, but definitely worth it

This is not a game you just pull out and play. This is a game that also needs planning, with both parties aware, willing and in the proper mindset to play. Because most of the play comes from your willingness to immerse yourself into your character and roleplay with it. But when you do, it's a pretty amazing game.
The game looks and feels very nice. It's a treat to open the box for the first time and every time after. I only added a small dice bag myself, to prevent the many, many dice from getting everywhere and leaving creases and indentations on everything else.
The game is easy to set up and you can play pretty quickly. You can, but probably won't. Especially not the first time, because the rules are plenty. Sure, it's no D&D with several thick rulebooks, but it took me the better part of an afternoon to read and understand them. But once both parties understand the rules, all it takes is to pick or create your character, setting and backdrop. The "board" is easy to set up and start playing. And let's face it, picking or creating a character is already part of the play of an RPG.
Great game to play, to do more roleplay, to practice with roleplay, or to incorporate into your other RPG and use as a way to resolve conflicts. Lovely.

M. Mochel

Definitely not your average game. It's got enough rules and and chance to still be considered a game, but it's also a great tool to learn how to roleplay better. It has enough prompts to get into it, but it will take a bit of doing to be able to fully immerse yourself

Doug Peters

Love it

Willy Greveling-Bentink
Mooie luxe uitvoering

Moet goed gelezen en geoefend worden maar heel mooi en goed spel

Rachel Wark
Dramatic game

I look forward to playing this game.

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