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Critical Role Mighty Nein T-Shirt

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Whether embarking on your own IRL adventures or slaying baddies in Zadash, our Mighty Nein tri-blend t-shirt, inspired by Critical Role's 2nd campaign, is a super comfortable way to express your Critterdom.  


  • Unisex sizing - S - 4XL (see size chart above)
  • Heather black
  • Pre-shrunk
  • Contemporary fit
  • Ultra soft cotton / polyester / rayon blend*
  • Front and back screen printed design 

The text on our Mighty Nein shirt reads:

The Mighty Nein
Seekers of Adventure and Coin
And Doughnuts and Shiny Things and Educational Smut

This extra fresh t-shirt was designed by Critter Bryan Weiss at RPG + Co. and GearHouse Studios, who we met at C2E2 this year!  

 * 4XL shirt is a soft combed cotton / poly blend

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Probably my favorite shirt I own

Been wearing this shirt for the past 3 years and I couldn't be happier. It has stayed soft, and the print has barely flaked or cracked at all (I air dry all my graphic tees and it has held up well against shirts I've had for a similar amount of time). Fits really well, too. Gets a lot of people asking what it's referring to, but is also a sure way to find fellow critters as you're just going about your day.

Michael Lynch

The most comfortable shirt I’ve worn in a long time

Chris Parker
Nein out of Nein would buy again

Comfy, fits great, sleeves aren't annoying, no tags equals best thing ever and did I mention it literally arrives having already been Battle Tested in Exandria?

Johnny J
Adventurers Rejoice!

Hail, fellow adventurers! If thou seeketh to don the finest attire worthy of a true champion, look no further than the Mighty Nein T-shirt! This garb, woven from the finest threads of Exandria, bestows upon its wearer not only comfort but the valor of our beloved heroes. Whether thou art embarking on a perilous quest or simply wishing to show allegiance to the legendary Mighty Nein, this shirt is a boon beyond measure.

Crafted with the precision of a master smith and imbued with the spirit of adventure, its fabric is as soft as the whispers of the Feywild and as resilient as a dragon's scale. The design, resplendent with the insignia of our mighty crew, stands as a testament to their bravery and the epic tales they have spun.

Wearing this shirt, one can almost feel the magic of Jester's divine tricks, the strength of Fjord's sailor's might, and the wisdom of Caleb's arcane knowledge. It is a perfect addition to any adventurer's wardrobe, whether thou art a seasoned dungeon delver or a new initiate to the ways of Critical Role.

So, equip thyself with the Mighty Nein T-shirt, and let the world know that thou art a true devotee of the greatest campaign to ever grace our realm. Onward, to glory and adventure!

On a side note, I found Critcal Role and the Mighty Nien at a rough time in life and being thrust into the experience helped me through. Thank you Critical Role!

Joe Riggs

The quality that I expected and more. Been waiting for a while for my size, that fit perfectly.
Roll on my friends! See you on Thursday nights!

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