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Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep

Critical Role

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In Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep, you’ll embark on an epic campaign taking players from levels 3-12 as they swirl through strange underwater locales, mysterious ruins, and an intrigue-filled city! Under the ill-fated red moon of Ruidius, you’ll unravel truths of the greatest legends of Critical Role’s world of Exandria™. This uniquely-structured adventure module pairs you alongside rival adventurers, who grow in capability alongside you. In the oasis city of Ank’Harel, secretive and powerful factions invite you into the deeper secrets of the city, and beyond. What choices will you make with the dark and tormenting knowledge you’ll find in the mind-bending aquatic abyss of the Netherdeep?

Alongside the seven chapters of adventure materials of this sprawling Critical Role campaign, Call of the Netherdeep includes:

  • A poster map and gazetteer of the city of Ank’Harel, putting its districts, inns, shops, and mysteries at your fingertips
  • Details of powerful factions with a life of their own, like the scholarly Allegiance of Allsight, the occult Consortium of the Vermilion Dream, and the truth-hunting archivists of the Library of the Cobalt Soul
  • Maps and gorgeous illustrations to capture this multi-continent journey: aquatic locales, perilous ruins, urban streets and inns, and the mind-bending abyss of the Netherdeep.
  • Stat blocks for each of your 5 rivals at 3 different tiers of strength, enabling them to challenge you as you grow
  • Dozens of new creatures, NPCs, and magic items

This far-flung campaign of underwater adventure, bustling city intrigue, and ancient secrets is a mosaic of breathtaking creativity from a star-studded team of writers composed almost entirely of non-binary and women writers: Makenzie De Armas, LaTia Jacquise, Cassandra Khaw, and Sadie Lowry. Led by our own Matthew Mercer, James J. Haeck, and D&D’s Game Design Architect, Christopher Perkins, Call of the Netherdeep is a distinctly Exandrian experience and an innovative D&D adventure module in its own right.


Cover Illustrator: Minttu Hynninen

Cartographers: Stacey Allan, Will Doyle, Deven Rue

Interior Illustrators: Eric Belisle, Hunter S. Bonyun, Zoltan Boros, David René Christensen, CoupleOfKooks, Kent Davis, Nikki Dawes, Axel Defois, Max Dunbar, Isabel Gibney, Minttu Hynninen, Julian Kok, Linda Lithén, Jessica Mahon, Andrew Mar, Marcela Medeiros, Robson Michel, Goñi Montes, Jim Nelson, Nguyen Hieu, Jessica Nguyen, Irina Nordsol, Caio E Santos, David Sladek, Crystal Sully, Brian Valeza, Anna Veltkamp, Johannes Voss, Tyler Walpole, Lauren Walsh, Shawn Wood, Zuzanna Wuzyk, Kieran Yanner, Anna Zee, Maria Zolotukhina

Concept Art: Claudio Pozas, Richard Whitters, Shawn Wood

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jason Koller


Rikku Collins
Fantastic addition to the collection of books set in Exandria.

The team involved is fantastic as always. I especially appreciate the number of female and NB voices involved. I love the ways in which the mechanics and lore are tweaked and expanded. The competing adventuring team is a nice touch.

Kevonne Oost
I just bought this to say something

Everyone in campaign 3 is so wonderful and endearing, but Sam and Marisha, I hope y'all are reading. You've made me so happy and connected with me on a deeply emotional level, best 4 hours of my day, and I gotta say. Y'all have made this critter, so incredibly happy. Thank you. All of you. Also, the book is amazing, and the art is beautiful, the Kryptonian eradicator did an excellent job reviewing.

The Kryptonian Eradicator
A Worthy Tome

To begin with, as always with Mercer and crowd, the writing and world-building are solid. Whether you're running your campaign in Exandria, or just borrowing elements for another world, there is plenty to play with. More Vestiges, of course, as well as the kind of kindred idea of the other party (be they rivals, enemies or allies -even friends). Like the Vestiges, as everyone knows, they level with the players. What isn't as widely said is that they each have very believable, empathetic motives, goals and personalities. They are likeable.
It goes very well with the Tal'dorei and Wildemount books. Now, all we need is one for the continents of Marquet and Issylra.

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