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Critical Role Dice Tome Rolling Tray

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Disguised as a book—Explorer’s Guide to Jrusar from the Starpoint Conservatory—the Critical Role Dice Tome Rolling Tray is wrapped in dark green faux leather and detailed with antique debossed metal in gold. Crack open this tome to reveal your dice, ready for Rollies on the felt-lined full rolling tray on the left, while the right side is divided for rolling and storage of accessories and minis.

Note: Dice not included.


  • Artist: Sophie Humphries (@sophumph)
  • Dimensions: 
    • Exterior: 7 (L) x 4.75 (W) x 2 (H) inches
    • Interior: 11.5 inches total width when opened
      • Left side: 4.75 (W) x 7 (L) inches
      • Right side: 3 inches (L) - bottom lined tray | 3.25 inches (L) - top tray divided storage compartments
  • Materials: 
    • Box: Medium-density fiberboard with felt liner
    • Faux-leather wrap: Polyurethane leather
    • Buckle strap and magnetic clasp closure: Metal
    • Interior foam: The foam insert helps to keep dice and minis in place when closed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews

there’s a lot to love about this tray. i am very happy with it, despite it being somewhat cheaply made/put together. there are like others said some dents/uneven surfaces, and for the price it’s a bit disappointing in quality. however, i love the style of it, and i love that the dice organizer is removable. i think it was worth it for me to buy it on sale. i’m glad it isn’t made with real leather. i wouldn’t recommend this at full price, since even the sale price is a bit much for the quality. overall, i like it anyway. just need to be careful with it i guess.

Austin Chapman

very good

Haili Giglietti
Really beautiful, but watch the corners

The design is really sharp! Unfortunately, so are the little plastic pieces on the front corners. Mine were a little bent when it arrived and I was never able to get them to lay down flat, which means I would end up poking and cutting my fingers every time I went to grab it off my shelf because I would forget to watch out. Eventually, I had to just peel them off and remove the glue as best I could.

This dice tome is a great storage and tray combination and it has plenty of space for all my dice and the extra sets I bring for the rest of the party. I'm the only one in my party who lives out of state and have to make an hour and a half drive every month, so I appreciate every bit of consolidation I can get when packing my materials.

Corey Smith
Great look and cool way to store my dice

Haven't had mine for too long but will update later if my opinion changes.

Didn't have any problems with the look of mine that other reviewers had (no damage or issues with quality). Looks fantastic. Also while others complained about not being able to pick up the dice out of the divided area, it's more about which dice you put in the center. Place the D4 in the middle and you should be able to remove all the dice individually.

Sarah L
Great gift, practical and beautiful design

I bought the dice rolling tome as a gift for my husband. He loves it! The velvet lining cuts down some of the sharp rolling noises that we don’t love. I really love that the strap comes off so it can lay flat on the table. It looks great and we can display/decorate with it which is a big plus. I like that it holds oversized dice also so it truly is a one and done kind of accessory.

The shipping was fast, it came a day early. I also think it’s hilarious that Shaun Gilmore is the return address. What’s not to love?

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