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LVM Playing Cards

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A set of 54 standard playing cards featuring Vox Machina characters on the faces, with art by Bryan Weiss (@PlayRPGandCo).

Note: This item was originally made as part of our crowdfunding campaign for The Legend of Vox Machina in 2019, and is part of an item surplus. 

effective November 1, 2022 all sales are final and cannot be returned.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dylan McQuoid

Love it so much

Dylan P
Decent but not outstanding. Not worth the price...

A decent set of cards made with standard quality. The artwork on the faces is nice, though based on the description of the item, I had mistakenly assumed that each of the suites faces would have different characters. It was quite underwhelming to find that the only characters from Vox Machina were those pictured above. Considering that a significant number of equally (and in many cases, exceedingly) nice playing card sets are available on Amazon and elsewhere for half the price, I sincerely expected to see more custom faces with much more beloved characters, like the main characters, just for an example.

The description does indicate that these were an item surplus from their kickstarter campaign, so in that context, I can see how these would be acceptable. But to charge $25 USD plus shipping for this particular product, as a fan and customer, this one stings...

This one is a definite misstep which is honestly surprising, as my experience with Critical Role's shop is that items are typically highly curated with attention focused on the details for their fans.

Melissa Holt
Gift for son

My son loves them.

Samantha Colbert
Well made cards - lackluster art

The cards are beautiful, and well-made, and the suits and numbers are stylized gorgeously. The letdown is that all of the face cards have the same 3 characters on them (and then a 4th character on the joker cards). The Aces also feature special art, but it's the same on all suits. Beyond that, with the high bar that Critical Role has set with their art and designs on their merchandise, these felt a bit quickly done. There were some missed opportunities here on design options to really make the art on the cards stand out and to do different unique characters for every suit. Plus the back of the cards features just a standard pattern, nothing to make it stand out, not even the name of the show. Don't get me wrong, they're still great cards, feel great, and will work well! I just think there were some art opportunities here, specifically in their design and art, that were missed to get a 5-star rating.

Dusty Millers
Excited with an asterisk.

The cards are good quality, the backing is a simple but wonderful-to-look-at pattern, and the animation on the cards is detailed but not flashy. It would have been nice for the different suits to have different people, as is usually the case with themed cards (and is the case with standard cards) and I was eager to see what other characters made it into the deck, so that was a bit of a let down. But still excited to play with them :)

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