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Vox Machina Dice Set: Vex'ahlia

Vox Machina

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Arm your dice quiver for battle, haggling, and especially bear-handling... Made in partnership with our friends at Die Hard Dice, this Vex-inspired dice set features gold-inked numbering on marbled pearlescent teal and white dice. The d20 features an icon of arrows crossed over a bear paw on the 20-side.

Please note that due to the marbling, the exact coloration may vary between both dice and sets.


  • Set of 7 acrylic polyhedral dice including one of each of the following dice styles
    • d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and percentile dice
  • Dice set arrives in a white PU leather drawstring bag with a debossed Critical Role logo and gold satin lining.
  • Metal Vox Machina charm on drawstring.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sean Nichols

I love Vox Machina! And Vex is in my first game as a D.m. I bought Call of the Netherdeep and these dice and love them!

Brian Ballengee
Great Quality!

These are great dice the colors are great and very high quality!

Chris Murphy
First dice set did not dissapoint

With the advent of virtual gaming, idk if I'll ever get to use these in real like, but nothing made my nerdy heart happier last week than getting my first set of dice in the vein of the half-elven ranger queen!

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