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Air Ashari Dice Set

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Add some nature magic to your roll and guard the Elemental Plane of Air in Zephrah with this absolutely gorgeous set of Air Ashari Dice, made in collaboration with the master artists at Everything Dice. Housed in a foam and velvet insert for protection, this set of 7 handmade, sharp edged, high grade wear resistant resin dice are beautifully painted with custom mixed colors and polished with a gemstone finish, with each die featuring individual hand-shaped clouds inside. 

The Air Ashari Dice Set also includes a microfiber polyester polishing cloth, a nylon bag with ribbon closure, and an insert describing the inspiration of the set. The box artwork is a lovely celebration of the majestic beauty of the village of Zephrah. 

The Air Ashari Dice are the first of an exclusive Critical Role collaboration with the amazing artisans of Everything Dice. Please note the exact coloration may vary between both dice and sets.


  • Artist 
    • Dice: Everything Dice (@everythingdice)
    • Packaging: Alex Lillie (@sweatyandupsety)
  • Set of 7 sharp edged, resin polyhedral dice including one of each of the following dice styles:
    • d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and percentile dice
  • Packaging dimensions are 4.3 x 2.75 x 1.35 in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
I purchased two sets...

Originally, I got a set for my partner, but when they arrived I was disappointed that I didn't order a set for myself. These are beautiful!
Well, now that's fixed. I now have my own set. :-)

Avraham Feinsilver
Incredible looking dice

Beautiful dice, and an amazing gift...
They feel sharp, and light, and they pop out in my dice collection!!
I really like them...

Chris Vaughn
Not what I expected

They look like popcorn was sealed in some colorful resin. I’m not sure what I expected but this wasn’t it. Maybe expectations were set extraordinarily high. The only reason I didn’t return them is because my wife (to whom these were purchased for) absolutely loves them. She watches and loves the show and has already got a special attachment to them. Maybe there is something I’m missing but I just wasn’t impressed.

No issues with packaging or shipping all that was super quick and easy.

These bbs be POPPIN

That’s it. That’s the review. They are magnifique! *chefs kiss*

The best, the prettiest

Y’all always nail it with the merch. I bought the air ashari dice and they’re gorgeous and sharp (everythingdice was such a great choice to collaborate with, please do more in the future!! I have some of their other dice sets and they’re my favorites)

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