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Bailey's Gray Dice Bag of Hoarding

Critical Role

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Do you have a never-ending obsession for dice like our very own enthusiast, Laura Bailey? Protect your collection in our second Bailey's Dice Bag of Hoarding, inspired by the dice bags made for Laura by Critter Christina Ahrens (@marajade33082).

This version of Bailey's Dice Bag of Hoarding features gray canvas with patterned icons inspired by the Vox Machina and Mighty Nein campaigns and black suede. 


  • Pattern art by Grace Berríos @lassflores
  • Oversized gray patterned canvas and black PU suede dice bag, with eight pockets and custom printed nylon lining
  • Silver Critical Role logo pendant, silver eyelets and copper drawstring clasp
  • Canvas carrying strap
  • 10mm foam padding on the bottom to protect your precious dice


Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Kate O'Brien
Bailey's dice bag of hoarding

I love this thing! It's so big and not even half full yet!

Edward Robinson
There are many like it, but this one is Nein!!!

Fantastic bag to keep your dice in! Well made and the pattern inside is soooo good. Have recommend it to loads of people.
Always hoarded dice from table top gaming and recently moved into DnD, so of course I need more dice……..

Patrick Somers
Too Good at Holding Dice!

I love this bag. The build quality is amazing, and the print on the top half is superb.

If anything, my only complaint is that the bag as a whole is a little *too* deep. While this means it can hold plenty of dice, it also means that unless you have enough dice to really warrant the title of "hoarder", it will look a little empty in comparison to the pictures. I can also imagine that, with enough filler dice sets to fill out the empty space, your favourites might get lost in the depths of dice limbo!

Also, an odd choice to have 9 compartments instead of 8. Means that when separating dice out by types, you're left with one empty slot, even if you separate D10's from D100's! I use it for my miniature D6's for wargaming though, so it's no biggie at all. I still love this bag and can't wait to fill it with beautiful click-clacks!

Maia Costea
Wonderful and glorious!

Just as awesome as its other variant, this bag can fit SO MANY DICE!
Thanks, CR!

Rachael Jones
Huge, sturdy, and looks amazing

This bag holds So. Much. Oh my gawd. My entire existing collection went into just two of the pouches. I have so much room to grow in. It has a great handle that dangles out of the bag when sinched up, and a flat base to keep shape. Worth the $$ to take care of my dragon hoard.

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