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Beauty of Exandria: The Wildes - Uk'otoa Water Bottle

Mighty Nein

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Learn. Grow. Provoke. Hydrate.
Quench your thirst and satisfy the great leviathan Uk’otoa as you embark on your next adventure through the Wildes of Exandria™.


  • Artist: Grace Berríos @lassflores
  • 34 oz. | 1006 ml
  • Materials: BPA Free Plastic, PVC (charm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Assata Ali
Very nice!

The waterbottle is really cool and it has beautiful design! it can hold up to large amounts and when you can hold the waterbottle by its yellow strap safely. There is also no need to worry about the **** on top, it is pretty secure. I also love how you can take off the keychain it has; I put mine on my bookbag :)

Tamara Kearney
Good water bottle

I needed a second water bottle for work and this does the job. The key ring immediately went to my car keys.

Jessica Mitchell
Very cute

The water bottle is very cute. As well as the charm along with it. I wish the clip for the charm was a metal clip, one more durable for keys. The bottle feels just as good as the name brand bottle that looks the same. So glad they had a practical piece of merchandise that I could purchase because of budget restrictions.

Andrew Capello
Has functionality issues

Don't get me wrong, design wise I love how the water bottle works. However, it ha say big issues when it comes to the lid. I've found out that if the lid is tightened too much, it will just come undone. At first I thought it was just me not lining up the grooves, but it consistently has happened, so I'm thinking it's an issue with the lid itself

Great looking but not very functional

The grooves on the lid are too shallow and the lid itself is too soft, so it is very easy to have the lid skip off the bottle and not be water tight. Mine was leaking within two days of use and is now purely for decoration.

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