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Candela Obscura Collapsible Dice Tray

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Level up your adventures through the Fairelands or anywhere you go with the conveniently portable Candela Obscura collapsible dice tray, fully equipped with metal snaps for easy assembly. This magickally cool table accessory is teal and gray, featuring a debossed design of the astrolabe on the teal side and the Candela Obscura logo on the gray side. 

Use alongside the Candela Obscura Premium Dice Set (sold separately) and Candela Obscura Core Rulebook to pursue paranormal assignments of your own!


  • Artist: Aaron Monroy (@sketchydadart)
  • Hexagon collapsible dice tray
  • Materials: 
    • Polyurethane leather tray
    • Metal closure snaps
  • Dimensions: 
    • Flat: 12  x 10.75 inches
    • Assembled: 7 x 6.5 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Beautiful and Sturdy

I don't do a lot of physical dice rolling any more but I still love trays. This one has lovely simple elegant colors, can store flat if I don't have permanent surface room for it, and snaps together very solidly. It's not at all wobbly, either, I could roll dice in it holding it in one hand while rolling with the other.

That said, I did test roll a d10 a few times in it. The die stops almost immediately, the friction is so high. The width of the tray isn't enough to get a good long roll; by the time your hand is safely over the edge to release the die, you have at most 2/3 of the width left. So I think the most tumbles I got was two, maybe three at best. Thus it doesn't feel quite as random for rolling (though the lessened tumbling is probably good for preventing too many bounces out of the tray). Happily I got it to use as a plitz-plotz, and the high friction will be very useful for that.

Handsomely Crafted

I'm delighted with this, and if you have chunky dice (or many to chuck at one go) this has you covered. Texture / feel is lovely and looks great on the table.

Beautiful Tray

I purchased this as a (upcoming) birthday gift for a friend. The way this comes packaged, I was not confident in opening and placing the tray back in the original packaging without ripping. What I did observe, the stitching and construction looks to be nice and well done. The materials do not look or feel (what I could through the plastic) cheap, but of a nice quality. A definite yes for any Candela Obscura player (or fan). I may have to buy myself one.

Karen Walker

It's perfect for all those warhammer dice!

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