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Caper Cards: Bells Hells

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The stakes are high and the game is quick! Bring together the adventuring party of Campaign 3, Bells Hells, in this super fun blackjack-style game of strategy and cooperation from Darrington Press. Try your hand, solo or as a team, in an attempt to exceed the value of the treasure you’re pursuing without going over 21. With gorgeous illustrations of the Bells Hells characters, each crew card bears a numerical value and ability, such as Chetney Pock O’ Pea being played as a 6 or 9. Whether you’re playing in solo mode or with up to 4 friends, ready those math skills and sharpen your wits to take on the heist of your life! 


  • 1-4 players
  • 20 minutes
  • Ages 12+
  • Contains: 
    • 24 Crew Cards - 3 of each Bells Hells team member: Laudna, Chetney Pock O’Pea, Fresh Cut Grass, Orym of the Air Ashari, Imogen Temult, Ashton Greymoore, Dorian Storm, and Fearne Calloway
    • 1 Risk Card
    • 9 Unique Reward Cards
    • 1 Rules Sheet
    • 1 Reference Card
  • Creative Team:
    • Game Design: Manny Vega
    • Art: David Rodrigues
    • Graphic Design: Matt Paquette and Co

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Adam Greco
Awesome collection piece

Great figure to add to my collection, the box is even a piece of art as well which is why it will be staying in there with my collection.

Reviewer avatar
Very Fun!

I finally got to play this at Pax Unplugged over the weekend and it's super fun. Very quick to learn and very fast to play. Picked up my own set this morning with the Imogen dice. Can't wait to play again!

Erik Redin
Fun game, smaller cards than expected, questionable packaging

The game is super fun. It also has a great solo mode. The art is beautiful. My biggest complaints are that the cards are so small and the packaging seems destined to rip. The top of the pack of cards tilts open, but it's an extra snug fit. I've only played the game a few times so far, but every time I open and close it I'm terrified I'm going to tear it or crush the inside of the packaging.

Amanda Hill

It got us through the awkward post Thanksgiving lunch but it’s too early to leave just yet time period without anyone fighting. Highly recommend.

Julie Schmidt
Excellent as Solitaire type game

Every time I used to visit my Grandma I would play Solitaire with the best deck of cards. they shuffled so well, the cards felf nice in your hands, they didn't slip, they had a slight grip to them when placed on each other so if your sister dropped her doll the cards didn't scatter everywhere, and they smelled like Grandma's house. Before cell phones, and fidget spinners, this was how you passed time. These cards feel like that. They have a lovely shuffle, smooth and slick, they just glide over each other.
So, that took a weird turn.
The Solo Style game is entertaining, through about half a Hells Bells episode I have won 2 out of 10 heists. Singular heists. I haven't made it to a third heist, so I started counting just one round for now to help learn the game. It is rather entertaining, I ordered another deck to pack for van trips. Hopefully I get to play with a group sometime.

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