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Kiri Plush

Mighty Nein

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This is Kiri and she is very sweet and perfectly adorable with her green hood, yellow dress and embroidered features. And she's ready for an adventure with her backpack that happens to contain a voice pack with several recorded phrases she picked up from her time with the Mighty Nein. Just give her wing a squeeze and you'll hear one of the following perfectly mimicked:

  • "I am Kiri." mimicking Jester (voiced by Laura Bailey)
  • "Welcome to the Mighty Nein!" mimicking Nott (voiced by Sam Riegel)
  • "Yes, I am very sweet." mimicking Jester (voiced by Laura Bailey)
  • "This means we are friends." mimicking Caleb (voiced by Liam O'Brien)
  • "Okay, okay, okay," mimicking Jester (voiced by Laura Bailey)
  • "Ooooo, I'm a captain." mimicking Beau (voiced by Marisha Ray)
  • "Don't eat humans, okay?" mimicking Jester (voiced by Laura Bailey)


  • Artist: Jenny Park (@asunnydisposish)
  • Materials:
    • Plush fabric content: 100% polyester
    • PP Cotton
    • Metal Critical Role logo tag
    • Battery included (Kiri speaks! You can activate this feature from the voice box hidden under Kiri's backpack by pulling the battery plastic tab to enable audio)
  • Dimensions: 
    • Plush: 8 inches tall

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Andy S.
Yes, she is very sweet

I love my new little Kenku friend, she'll be at the table for the next session to cheer me on.
The only thing I'm a little disappointed by is that she's not voiced by Matt Mercer or the other cast members, that's the only reason she gets a 4 (really it's a 4.5)

Hali Flanagan

This thing is flipping adorable! I'm so excited to add her to the rest of my collection.

Ingrid Galvan
So adorably cute!

I loved the Kiri plush so much! The outfit, the bag on the back, the little ruffles... it brought Kiri to life in the cutest way imaginable. Even the box she comes in is adorable! The phrases were on point, but I do wish some of the more... vulgar phrases were included as well... they added to her charm... Still, I totally loved it and would recommend others to buy it.

Christian K.

Don't eat humans, okay? It's a shame her more vulgar lines didn't make it in, but I 100% understand why. The fact that the hood and backpack are removable is so adorable and a wonderful detail most plushes would never bother with.

Hi, I’m Kiri!

She is amazing! I worried because the plastic tab to remove to activate her voice wasn’t immediately visible, but I eventually found it. She is super cute, and her box is as well, matching her design with a clear shield, if I want to display her without letting her get dust on her soft fluff.

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