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Mighty Nein ReAction Figure - Caleb Widogast

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Our partners at Super7 have crafted a full set of ReAction Figures of The Mighty Nein, each featuring 5 points of articulation as well as accessories! 

Gifted and brilliant, Caleb Widogast is determined to uncover lost arcane secrets and push the limits of magical discovery. This 3.75” scale articulated Critical Role ReAction Figure of Caleb Widogast features him in his cold weather outfit and comes with a Frumpkin figure and Luxon Beacon accessories.

Roll the dice and add the Critical Role ReAction Figure of Caleb Widogast to your collection!


  • Artist: Super7 and Ariana Tressel-Orner
  • Features: 6 x 9 inch figure card art packaging
  • Materials: Injected Plastic & Paint
  • Intended for Age 14+
  • Product Dimensions: 2.75 inches
FINAL SALE NOTE: for online purchases made during promotional sale period: 1/25/23-1/31/23, all sales are final and cannot be returned. Information regarding our returns and exchanges policy can be reviewed here

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Great collectible

    Love these figures! They display beautifully and are fun to collect. If you ever have an issue with anything you order just let them know, and they will quicken a spell to solve your problem immediately!!

    Clifton Barber

    It's awesome. I like all that you you guys are doing.

    Nia Meredith

    Tired of being always on the run? Tired because you are a sad ginger wizard alone with only his green beans for company? Look no further, now you too can build a Tower built of love, cats, books, and awkward social interactions (because wizards). Bring these two home because what is sexier than wizards? NOTHING!

    Frumpkin and Umbrella definitely included-- the Beacon tho? Kinda sus.

    Joking aside-- I firmly encourage buying both Caleb Widogast and Essek Thelyss as a set, so they are not lonely on the trip hone. I bought them as a pair and I am living my best life putting them through domestic scenes on my workdesk.

    Tom S.
    A Magnificent Miniature Man

    NGL I’m a bit eh on his face (not the least of which is about the beard, where is my clean-shaven boy, sob), but this figure is pretty dang good quality. The packaging is just fantastic—I love how each of these figurines have packaging full of visual notes about the individual characters instead of just using a standardized design, and the flavor text on the back gives a great overview of his complicated personality—and I’m VERY pleased that Frumpkin is included! The only thing that would make this better (okay, aside from not having the dang beard) would be if he had an interchangeable hand so he could hold hands with the Essek figurine.

    Mia P.
    lil dirt wizard

    first off, absolutely ADORE the packaging on these figures! the attention to detail is amazing and i loved it so much that i saved the boxes. caleb himself is small, but it’s clear that a lot of love and care was put into making this figure. loved that frumpkin was included as an accessory as well and love how they look with essek!

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