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Vox Machina d20 Dice Set

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After making some slight modifications, our Vox Machina d20 set has made its triumphant return! Celebrate the legendary heroes of Tal'Dorei with this d20 set based on our first campaign.


  • Set of eight standard 20-sided resin dice 
  • Dice set arrives in a purple velvet drawstring bag with a gold Vox Machina crest
  • Character dice details
    • Vex'ahlia: Deep teal and white marbling, gold numbering, with arrows crossed over a bear paw icon on the 20-side
    • Vax'ildan: Light and dark gray marbling, red numbering, with a crossed dagger icon on the 20-side
    • Keyleth: Clear with powder blue clouded swirl, green numbering, with antler icon on the 20-side
    • PERCIVAL FREDRICKSTEIN VON MUSEL KLOSSOWSKI DE ROLO III: Clear with pink clouded swirl, white numbering, with a Whitestone sun icon on the 20-side
    • Grog Strongjaw: Half red, half black, silver numbering, with tankard icon on the 20-side
    • Pike Trickfoot: Pearlescent white, gold numbering, with a mace icon on the 20-side
    • Scanlan Shorthalt: Pink glitter filling, purple numbering, with musical note icons on the 20-side
    • Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer: Pearlescent deep blue, gold numbering, with tome icon on the 20-side

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Jess E
Lovely dice

I bought 5 sets of dice. 2 VM d20 sets, the GM d20 set, the VM set of 8 themed d20 dice for each of the characters, and the Vax d20 set. I love how they roll and feel. I use the Vax dice as fidget toys when watching shows and some of the sets have good number to color contrast so that it will be easy to see in the dark game setting that we play in.


Great set of D20’s

matthew brown
Sweet dice

They be some sweet dice

Ladislav Tóth
Woderful dice

They came pretty soon after ordering, they look absolutely stunning! I really love them, all the beautiful colors, and Scanlan rolls the best ;) (so far)

Adrian Lasa Sanchez

The dices looks much better in person. The quality of the bag is really good. I hope that they the same thing for the other campaignes

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